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  1. Chaos is good.

      We typically use the word “chaos” to refer to disorder or confusion in the world or in our lives. In different mythologies, chaos means a shapeless, unlimited void from where the universe was created. In the platonic tradition, it is a state of disharmony that precedes a new order. I Ching teaches that chaos […]

  2. Who I am is not how I am.

    Any text or word is sacred if they are powerful enough to lighten the way. Of the many books that serve as a flashlight to guide us in this infinite and fantastic voyage, the Bible remains an inexhaustible source of wisdom and love, indispensable elements for our personal transmutation. Thus, little by little, we change […]

  3. Modern slaves.

    One day, you get tired of yourself, of the drabness of your dark room, of being your own jailer. Yes, the worst prisons have their bars woven according to the blue print of canned ideas, prejudices or cowardice, imposed by alien, ancestral fear. Or by someone else. The time has come for you to try […]

  4. Modern Alchemists.

    One of the major dreams of mankind all along has been to transform iron into gold. The other is immortality. Throughout the centuries mankind has nurtured the ambition of living forever, lavishly, without the efforts of daily work. A piece of cheap metal in a cauldron would be enough to transform it into the oldest […]

  5. The problem is not problem.

    The problem is not the problem, but the inability of moving on in the face of adversity. It is losing the possibility of transformation, a decision that is purely internal, that depends on you alone. There are two players in this process: the ego, that will make you feel you were wronged, undeserving of the […]

  6. healing by truth.

    The Native American people, who follow shamanism, have a sacred symbol called Healing Wheel or Wheel of Life. They understand that living is a process of infinite healing, ‘walking in beauty on the endless road of life’, in the words of an old Navajo wise man. The symbol has the sacred mission of reminding us […]

  7. Free thinking is more than just thinking.

    The worst prisons are those without bars. The illusion of freedom is the meanest cell, as it does not allow you to be aware of the limits of your choices, not realizing that their borders are more and more narrow, and, contrary to what it may seem, it only limits the size and pales the […]

  8. Imbalance is fundamental.

    Life is an infinite and fantastic voyage towards light. This life is only part of the road. To travel means to evolve; to evolve requires transformation. No one is born ready. It is a sign of wisdom to understand that the useful things we have brought with us in our backpack may no longer be […]

  9. Your wings are the size of your heart.

    Sometimes we see ourselves at the edge of the cliff. Emotional conflicts, work problems, family quarrels are like the cliff that may lead us to fall and that robs our peace. A heartfelt wish to change the path of our lives, engaging in a new job that is more suitable to our skills and talents, […]