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  1. There can only be courage where once there was fear

    Fictional stories have dazzled humankind since the beginning of times because they reveal secrets hidden in our subconscious mind. Even though they affect the way we are, it often takes long for them to be decoded. It is there, in our subconscious, a wild area of the brain, that the shadows act and ultimately change […]

  2. The self wants to shine, the soul longs for light

    Only if you are clear about who you are can turn yourself into the person you want to be. The self, the part of consciousness that is more connected to the primary, immediate sensations, filled with social, ancestral conditionings, wants to protect you by creating a character shaped according to a model that is supposedly […]

  3. Being a person is always in fashion

    The need to be in vogue, the unconscious anxiety of being in synch with what is believed to be fashionable reflect one’s needs for identification and acceptance, a generally unperceived will to find a place to live in peace. Fashion emerges from the cultural need of people to understand who they are and where they […]

  4. Life requires lightness

    “The less I need, the freer I am. Freedom brings alongside the lightness of the spirit”, told me an old and wise shaman of the Native People of the Red Path seated by a fire in the evening of the Potlatch. Starry Song, as he became known after having discovered his gift of lighting up […]