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  1. Miracles are transformations hidden within ourselves

    “What we call magic other traditions call miracles. There is a change in name, but the power and the strength are the same”, said Starry Song, an old native of the People of the Red Path while putting tobacco in his stone-bowl pipe. We were seated around a small campfire under the fantastic cloak of […]

  2. Maturity brings true freedom

    “Maturity is no more than understanding oneself, and the willingness to change. This is liberating”, said the Old Man while we were looking for mushrooms in a forest close to the monastery after a rainy night. The sun shone among the leaves, caressing our faces and making the still cold morning a bit warmer. “To […]

  3. Tainted memories

    One of the tasks I enjoyed most was to help the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the Order, in taking care of the inner garden at the monastery. I have learned that all in the world reacts according to the real measure of our feelings, in unceasing exchange. The same […]

  4. Gardeners of the Soul

    “We are our heirs”, said the Old Man, as we called, affectionately, the oldest monk of the Order. We were going up a small mountain close to the monastery, through a narrow path, in a still cold spring morning. We were received by small and colorful wild flowers that portrayed the resplendence of that season, […]

  5. The Hollow Lies in the Heart

    Once I watched a movie, one of those made-in-Hollywood films, with lots of action. The main character was a cold professional hit man who comes to be hunted by the police and the mafia. His apparent indifference to any type of feeling was the hallmark of his personality, and the main reason for his wicked […]

  6. It doesn’t matter

    “The magic of life takes place while we experience the ordinary day-to-day things”, the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk at the monastery, would say. That comes to mind when I realize how much time and energy we waste with situations that have no importance whatsoever for our lives, and in the […]

  7. The best stories are those of perseverance

    I often hear people saying they would do everything “exactly the same” if they had the chance to start their life over again. I understand if that is simply a reference to how they have learned from their own mistakes, and how these mistakes helped them get where they are, I can understand. Yes, oftentimes […]