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  1. The art of renouncing

    I had gone down the mountain where the monastery of the Order is located and walked through the narrow and old streets of the closest lay village. It was pouring rain, and darker than what would be expected for that time of the day. It was quite early, and the shops were about to open. […]

  2. The beauty of forgiveness

    “It is impossible to be happy without being forgiving”, said the Old Man to a young lady who went to the monastery seeking consolation. We were seated in the refectory and I was pouring them a hot cup of coffee. She had just finished telling her personal drama, and was disconsolate, as she believed she […]

  3. The magic of having an encounter with yourself

    Starry Song was seated at the entrance of his tent. He was smoking his unfailing stone-bowl pipe. It was that hour at which the day turns into night. The sun was gone, but the moon was yet to arrive. I felt tired; I had just got into town, and was quite upset because of some […]

  4. Love is not an exchange

    I often hear people saying that “we give love and we want to receive love. Love is an exchange”, as a final statement. No, love is not an exchange. Exchange is the basis of trade, which, indeed, helps move the planet and lessen differences between people; love, however, is not a commodity to be traded. […]