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  1. The dream trader

    It was very late at night and I couldn’t fall asleep. When I left the tent to wander around a bit, I met Starry Song – the shaman was given this name because of his skill of sharing the native knowledge through stories, in chant or not – smoking his distinctive rock-bowl pipe. I asked […]

  2. I need that

    He was a young and promising lawyer. He had taken a few says off to meet the Old Man, of whom he had heard about, to seek his advice. While I walked with him to the room where the meeting would take place, I tried to show him the beauty of our monastery, its beautifully […]

  3. The other cheek

    Deeply annoyed, I went to sit at the end of the huge table where all of us, disciples and monks together, have our meals at the monastery. A little while ago, in the yard, I had had a serious discussion with another young disciple. The Old Man, as we affectionately called the dean of the […]