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  1. The light of truth

    I was sulking in the corners of the monastery. I had avoided chores that required talking to other disciples or monks. Everything upset me. Noticing my foul mood, the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the Order, invited me for a walk in the garden. While he was trying to engage […]

  2. The voice of the heart

    I met Starry Song – the shaman was given this name due to his gift for preserving and seeding the tradition of his people through the word, chanted or not – changing the leather of his two-sided drum in front of his tent. I had decided to leave town for a while, upset with the […]

  3. We know more than what we are

    One more day of work came to an end in the small and ancient village close to the mountain that harbors the monastery of the Order. I hastened my steps in the hope of finding Loureiro’s shop still open. Not that I had anything that needed to be fixed, I just wanted to chat with […]