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  1. Escape from the world

    It was a typical winter day. The blue, cloudless sky allowed the sun to caress our skin under the wool coat, making us feel cozy. The day was still coming to life when I was asked to go to the gate. An older gentleman had come to speak to the Old Man, as we affectionately […]

  2. The sense of victory

    It was late afternoon. We were seated in the station, waiting for the train that would take us back to the small village at the base of the mountain that houses the monastery. We had gone to a larger city not too far away, to visit a young lady who was undergoing cancer treatment in […]

  3. The power of choices

    “To be strong is a choice. No one is born brave or a coward; however, every day, at all times, we decide whether to run away or face the battle that presents itself within and outside ourselves,” said Starry Song, the shaman who, through the word, chanted or not, recounted the ancestral wisdom of his […]

  4. The shield against evil

    “To ask for help from the enlightened forces of the universe to deal with a hardship over which one has no control is commendable, as it is a sign of humility,” said the Old Man, as we affectionally called the oldest monk of the Order, to a man who came to the monastery seeking help […]

  5. No one suffers for love

    It was that undefined hour we don’t know if it is daytime or night already. Some stores were about to close. I hastened my pace on the narrow and winding streets of the ancient village close to the mountain that is home to the monastery of the Order. I wanted to find Loureiro’s shop still […]

  6. The enigma of patience

    The Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the monastery, seemed fascinated with the rose bushes in the yard, and pruned them as a fine gardener. I asked if I could keep him company. He nodded, and his eyes pointed to a bench close by, where I should sit. We remained silent […]