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  1. Wonderful villains

    In the small and ancient village located at the base of the mountain that shelters the monastery there is an old and charming movie theater in front of the church square. I would go see a movie whenever my chores at the Order allowed me to. One evening, I went with Loureiro, a cobbler friend […]

  2. The subtleties of truth

    The Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the Order, was tending to the garden in the internal yard of the monastery when a man, who was seeking solace for his afflictions came by. He felt tormented by a series of actions he had taken in the past and that were now […]

  3. The best part

    When the man arrived at the gate of the monastery, the sky was still a cloak of stars. He got out of the car to appreciate the outline of the beautiful construction, which was possible from the few lamps that were lit. Someone had spoken to him about the Order, of its secular origin, of […]

  4. Poor creditors

    The cool wind of fall was blowing, circulating with me on the narrow and winding cobbled streets of the ancient village at the bottom of the mountain that is home to the monastery. The afternoon was only halfway through, but I was already done with my errands, and had to wait for my ride later […]