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  1. The deceit of domination

    “The need to dominate the other permeates evil since the beginning of times”, said Starry Song, the shaman who had the gift of teaching the wisdom of his people through the word, chanted or not. Evening was slowly approaching, rolling out its beautiful cloak of stars in the sky. He had asked me to light […]

  2. Transgression is necessary

    It was study time. Reading and reflection in the library of the monastery. Silence and quietness. The early evening light entered through the window, providing light and the beautiful landscape of the mountains. As usual, I stopped by the refectory before getting a cup of coffee. The Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest […]

  3. To let go is transformational

    It was there. The bicycle leaning against the lightpost was the first thing I noticed when I turned into the narrow and winding street Loureiro’s shop was located on, in the charming village at the foot of the mountain that is home to the monastery. The pre-dusk sun was reflected on the cobbled stone streets […]

  4. Law of Renovation

    “From time to time, it is necessary to empty the drawers of the heart,” said to me the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the monastery. He had asked me to go for a walk into the woods close by, after noticing my restlessness and irritation with the other monks and […]

  5. Dancing with longing

    I first met Loureiro, the wise shoemaker, many years ago, in a cemetery. I had just joined the Order and was assigned to accompany the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the order to the wake of a good friend of his, who had departed. We managed to get a ride, […]