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  1. The other cheek, once again

    The library of the monastery is very charming. A huge variety of publications in an environment of silence and comfort, in addition to the spectacular view of the mountains provided by large windows were a stimulating invitation to reflection. There we would often find the Old Man, as we affectionately called oldest monk of the […]

  2. Never ever

    We were on the train. The Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the monastery, and I were on a long ride to a city where he would deliver a lecture in a well-known university. I took the chance to ask him about the hardships of personal improvement. I suggested there should […]

  3. The best mantra

    Those were my first days at the monastery, when I hardly thought about becoming a disciple of the Order. I had been invited to spend a few days there. My life was buffeted by strong turbulence, one problem after the other. As if this wasn’t enough, I was assailed by existential doubts. I was there […]