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  1. The good fight

    I was unhappy with my life. I was strolling on the winding and narrow streets of the small and charming village located at the foot of the mountain where sits the monastery when I passed by a bakery. The smell of freshly baked bread was irresistible. I sat at a table and ordered a sandwich […]

  2. The keys to evolution

    The Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the Order, had just delivered a lecture at a prestigious university. I had been assigned to accompany him on the trip. On our way out to hail a cab, to take us to the train station, we were approached by a professor of the […]

  3. The door

    Of all places in the monastery, the library has always been my favorite. Choosing one of the many books available, sitting in one of its comfortable armchairs and splitting my attention between the letters and the wonderful landscape of the mountains, whose view the huge windows allow, provide moments of pure magic. Many a time […]

  4. The tools of the Light

    Dawn was yet to come when I reached the small and charming village at the foot of the mountain that houses the monastery. I had taken a ride on a delivery truck and was wandering aimlessly on the beautiful, narrow and winding cobblestone streets. The moisture from dew reflected the flickering light of the light […]

  5. The thief of magic

    Whenever I could, I would go to the Arizona mountains to spend time with Starry Song, the shaman who sowed the ancestral wisdom of his people throughout the word, in chant or otherwise. I had been there for about a month when he called me for a conversation by a campfire. I was always honored […]