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  1. The top of the world

    I filled a cup with coffee in the mess hall and went to the library of the monastery. It was late afternoon and I was longing for some reading and reflection. There I saw the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the Order, seated in a comfortable armchair with his gaze […]

  2. Love does not have to be perfect

    When I entered the shop, they were already talking. Loureiro, the shoemaker who loved wines and books, listened to the sorrows of a nephew of his about the difficulties he had with questions of the heart. We were introduced, and the young man, quite politely, said he had no problems if I took part in […]

  3. Valuable pillars

    In the charming little village located at the foot of the mountain that houses the monastery, all shops closed their doors at twelve noon on Saturdays, except restaurants, coffee-shops and pubs, meeting points for happy luncheons or friends’ get-togethers. The famous exception was the shop of Loureiro, the elegant shoemaker who loved books and wines. […]