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  1. The past is a poison

    Loureiro, the elegant shoemaker who loved wines and books, closed his shop at twelve noon and off we went, strolling on the narrow and winding streets of the ancient village located at the foot of the mountain that is home to the monastery. It was a typical Fall Saturday; the sky was clear, cloudless, and […]

  2. Independence day

    I was happy when I saw the vintage bicycle of Loureiro, the elegant shoemaker who loves wines and books, leaning against the light pole in front of his shop. I was not well. A number of events with different people had made me feel in a cauldron of emotions that ranged from annoyance to sadness. […]

  3. Back to the top of the world

    I told the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the Order, that I would spend my birthday at the Takshang Monastery, close to the city of Paro, in Bhutan. I longed for the silence and energy of this hard-to-reach Buddhist monastery, wedged in the Himalayas, to meditate and reflect about my […]