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  1. The art of helping others out

    Loureiro, the shoemaker who loves books and wines, and I had just finished lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the small and charming village at the foot of the mountain that is home to the monastery. Knowing that we would still talk for some time more, the waiter, whom we have known for […]

  2. A journey between Tao and faith

    Li Tzu, the Taoist master, asked me to arrive early at his place. When I left the inn, the sky was a cloak sprinkled with stars. I walked on the streets of the Chinese village, dazzled with the beauty of the Milky Way, lost in my thoughts about the endless number of worlds that existed […]

  3. Beyond the end of the tunnel

    Loureiro, the shoemaker who loved books and wines, and I were looking for a restaurant that sill served lunch late in the afternoon. It had poured during the day. Since it had just stopped raining, off we went, sailing the narrow and winding streets of the small and charming village at the foot of the […]

  4. Salt of the earth

    I ran into the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the Order, by chance, outside the walls of the monastery. He was coming from a walk in the nearby forest. Because it had rained in the previous days and now the sun had reappeared, the morning was perfect for picking the […]