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  1. In the dark alleys of jealousy and lies

    The unusual, irregular hours of operation of the shop of Loureiro, the elegant shoemaker who loved books and wines, had become legendary in the charming village located at the foot of the mountain that houses the monastery. The only way to know if the shop was open was to go over there. This is why […]

  2. A streak of bad luck

    That year, during my stay of a month in the monastery for study and reflection, by coincidence, a number of monks, that is how we call all those who were initiated it the Order, also arrived. That forced me to share a room with a fellow monk. Both, him and I, had quite distinct habits, […]

  3. Life isn’t short

    It was Saturday evening when the bus arrived at the simple Chinese village where Li Tzu lives. I left my backpack at the only inn of the place and went to the home of the Taoist master. As usual, the gate was open, and the illumination came from candles spread all around, including in the […]

  4. About masks, scripts and shadows

    Loureiro, the shoemaker who loves books and wines, and I had just watched a movie in the only movie theater of the small and charming village located at the foot of the mountain that is home to the monastery. We went to a pleasant bookstore that has a café in the back, to chat and […]