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  1. Whats is sacred

    What is sacred Starry Song, the shaman with the gift of spreading the wisdom of his people through the word, in chant or otherwise, puffed his unmistakable red-rock bowl pipe while we, from the porch of his house, silently watched the colors with which the setting sun painted Arizona’s mountains and sky. In the living […]

  2. The deserts of the self

    When I entered the mess hall of the monastery to grab a cup of coffee, I saw the Old Man, as we affectionately called the oldest monk of the Order, talking to Valentina, a young and pretty sister of our Order. She is one of the most talented poets of her generation and, in her […]

  3. The line between wealth and prosperity

    One of my partners in the advertisement agency managed to get a hold of me at the only inn in the small Chinese village where Li Tzu lived. Mobile phone and internet services were poor and intermittent because of the area, often assailed by strong winds. The message left at the reception was clear: I […]