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  1. The fourth day of the crossing – darkness is the wick of light

    It was still the fourth day of the crossing, and there has been more activity than I could have anticipated. All that I wanted was a bit of quietness to think about life while we crossed the seemingly endless desert. Contrary to what I had imagined, there is no boredom when you are in a […]

  2. The third day of the crossing – the quandary between the word given an the truth

    I woke up on the morning of the third day of the crossing with my body still sore from the events of the previous day. The sky was already clear, even though the sun was yet to reach the line of the horizon at the end of the apparently endless sea of sand. The movement […]

  3. The second day of the crossing – pain teaches nothing

    The caravan moved towards the largest oasis of the Sahara Desert. My intention was to meet a wise dervish, holder of “many secrets of heaven and earth”. We were on the second day of the journey, and I was still getting used to the swaying of the camel, which made me a bit sick. I tried to […]

  4. The first day of the crossing – when less is more

    This was the first day of the journey. I was in a small city at the edge of the Sahara Desert. My intention was to join a caravan that was to leave for an oasis where a wise dervish lived. In the esoteric milieu he was a well-respected sorcerer, believed to have a tremendous body […]