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  1. The eight day of the crossing – sand and soul storms

    The caravan was to start its eight day of the journey. The camp was waking up. I distanced myself to have a short meditation when I saw the caravanner even further away, with his hawk perched on the thick leather gloves that covered his left hand and forearm. I got distracted waiting for the bird […]

  2. The seventh day of the crossing – temperance and the power of the soul

    We were on the seventh day of the crossing. The caravan made a small detour in its course to supply itself with water from a well built and kept by a small community of Tuaregs; even though Tuaregs are nomadic, they had established themselves on that site for quite some time. They were friendly people […]

  3. The sixth day of the crossing – the shadow of dissent and the forgotten soul

    The caravan was in its sixth day of crossing. The harsh conditions of a journey through the desert cause unavoidable problems regardless of how careful the travelers are, whether due to the inhospitable climate or the lack of a number of facilities to which we are used to in cities. One should pay heed to […]

  4. The fifth day of the crossing – the soul of the world

    The crossing was on its fifth day. The caravan continued its journey towards an oasis where lived a wise dervish, who knew “many secrets of heaven and earth”, with whom I wished to meet. Dozens of people formed the caravan that traveled on the sands of the Sahara, including pilgrims, traders, tourists and crew members. […]