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  1. The twenty-first day of the crossing – the enigma of the desert

    I woke up late, still tired from the emotions experienced on the previous day. Even though I had had a deep sleep, my body ached and was crying for a holiday. I rapidly packed my gear in the saddleback, which I placed on the camel. I was lucky to get a cup of coffee when […]

  2. The twentieth day of the crossing – the point of no return

    We were halfway through the journey. On that day, everyone in the caravan, particularly the most seasoned travelers, spoke of the “point of no return”. That was a given point in the desert, between the city and the oasis from which, once reached, returning due to an unforeseeable event was no longer possible. It was […]

  3. The nineteenth day of the crossing – the desert physician and the master of all days

    Because of the conflicts on the previous nights, I woke up late on the nineteenth day of the crossing. Even though it was still early, the sun was higher than usual. People were in motion to break camp with the habitual hubbub. I usually rose early to watch the caravanner train his hawk, but today […]

  4. The eighteenth day of the crossing – the temptation of the desert

    It seemed the eighteenth day of the crossing was going to be different, exciting. We were to make a small detour from our course towards the largest oasis in the desert to stop at another one, smaller, so that the caravan could pick up food and water supplies necessary for the continuation of the crossing. […]