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  1. The twenty-sixth day of the crossing – a factory in the desert

    It was a different day. We had aligned our camels to begin the march when it was still dark. The sun emerged from behind the dunes. At that time, when the caravan would normally wake up, we had been marching for about three quarters of an hour already. The purpose was to reach a smaller […]

  2. The twenty-fifth day of the crossing – the chameleon of the desert

    I had just finished my prayer. It was still too early. With a cup of coffee in my hand, I sat on the sand to once again be amazed by the caravanner and his hawk. Perched on the thick leather glove the caravanner wore on the left arm, the bird seemed to understand the words […]

  3. The twenty-fourth day of the crossing – the infinite

    The sun. The day had started with a circle of fire not too hot, just enough to warm my body as it emerged from behind the dunes. Seated on the sand, away from the hubbub of the caravan, I waited for the caravanner to start the daily morning training of his hawk, a cup of […]

  4. The twenty-third day of the crossing – the truth of the desert

    The caravan was a universe in itself. Family, work, friends are some of the tiny universes that co-exist in the lives of everyone, with their particularities, difficulties, pleasures, lessons, and other evolutionary features specific to each person. This is what I was thinking about on that morning. I was seated on the sand, a bit […]

  5. The twenty-second day of the crossing – the eyes of the desert

    There is nothing like the day after the storm for us to appreciate stillness. It was like that on the twenty-second day of the crossing. The hours passed with a delightful lull after a few days of extreme commotion. However, those who believe stillness necessarily means boredom or stagnation are deceived. I had woken up […]