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  1. The thirtieth day of the crossing – the art of the desert

    There are some days that seem to exist only to bother us. Or to test us. I woke up happy, thinking about Ingrid, the Nordic, ginger-haired astronomer. I went to the tent used as mess hall to fetch a cup of coffee. Everyone was talking about the traditional party to celebrate the 30th day of […]

  2. The twenty-ninth day of the crossing – when the desert rips you out of yourself

    I woke up with Ingrid, the pretty, Nordic ginger-haired astronomer handing me a cup of fresh coffee. I thanked her. She smiled with her eyes at me. After the events of the last couple of days, it wasn’t hard to notice that her eyes had a different sparkle. A light typical of those who rejoice […]

  3. The twenty-eight day of the crossing – the consciousness of the desert

    I woke up early on that day. The pinkish hue that colored the sky was an indication of dawn even before the sun appeared above the line of horizon. Ingrid, the pretty Nordic astronomer who had almost died poisoned by a snake bite the day before, seated next to me, smiled at me. I felt […]