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  1. The thirty-fifth day of the crossing – the old lady of the desert

    I had woken up in a good mood. It was early; the caravan was still asleep. To the east, the sky was displaying the pinkish hue that precedes the blue. The stars were about to withdraw from the scene. In fact, they would still be there, but hidden by the curtains of daylight. The senses […]

  2. The thirty-fourth day of the crossing – the cross

    I woke up in a good mood. And late. The caravanner was already returning with his hawk perched on the thick leather glove on the left arm when I filled a cup of fresh coffee at the mess hall tent. I followed him with my gaze. He handed the bird to the care of a […]

  3. The thirty-third day of the crossing – the stranger of the desert

    I woke up not feeling well. A sense of dissatisfaction was assailing me. I normally wake up in a good mood, and no effort is required for me to feel optimistic towards life. I’ve always been like that. However, it was a random feeling; nothing in particular had to have happened for me to feel […]

  4. The thirty-second day of the crossing – the wisdom of the desert

    I woke up with the early rays of the sun caressing my face. I smiled at that sign of affection. I had slept little on the previous nights; the days had been intense. I was in a good mood. My soul was happy, in the cauldron of transformations that were boiling inside me. I could […]

  5. The thirty-first day of the crossing – a flight over the desert

    The crossing was entering its final stretch. One month had passed. There were 10 days to go. On the 40th, we would reach the largest oasis of the desert, where I planned to meet a wise dervish who knew “many secrets between heaven and earth.” The past days had been tense and intense, busy days […]