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  1. The art of floating in the air

    When I joined the Order, I had the wrong idea that life in the monastery was just contemplative, away from the impurities of the world, so that the monks would remain pure. Even though there was an initial period of retreat for proper initiation, in which there was much study and mediation, we were soon […]

  2. The light of the world and mercy

    The world is not a good place to live. I was sure of that while I watched the beautiful mountains from a comfortable armchair on the veranda of the monastery. Tired of so many conflicts, injustice and cruelty, I had lost hope of living in a better world. In my personal life I had also […]

  3. Before my soul

    The two-sided drum of Starry Face, the shaman who had the gift of spreading the wisdom of his people through words, was beating rhythmically when I arrived at his “place of power”. This place was close to his home, at the top of a mountain in Arizona, on a small plateau where, in addition to […]

  4. Love, so close, so far away

    I arrived at the monastery a few days ago for may annual period of studies when I received the news my grandfather had passed away. He had been a healthy, active man, and had run his small business almost until his final days in this existence. He felt ill and was taken to the hospital. […]

  5. The fortieth day of the crossing – the meeting

    Our hopes were high. The caravan arrived at the oasis around noon, after 40 days of journey. This was the largest oasis of the desert, and it was beautiful. It was different than all I could have imagined. It was a small, thriving and unlikely city, lost in a sea of endless sand. There was […]