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  1. I have all that I need

    There I was, back to the small Chinese village close to the Himalayas. The trip was tiresome because of the many hours of flight, airport wait time for connections and a final stretch by bus on the precarious road that wound around the mountain. That one trip was made worse because my luggage had been […]

  2. Follow your heart

    “Listen to your heart”, was the advice I received from Starry Song when I said good-bye. I had gone to the Arizona Mountains to take part in some native ceremonies at a time that, by coincidence, was a cycle-changing period in my life. The advertising agency I was a partner of was undergoing a division, […]

  3. A sophisticated virtue filled with other virtues

    One of the things I liked the most was to walk on the narrow, winding streets of the small village at the foot of the mountain that houses the monastery. It is even better in the early morning, when the cobblestones are wet from the night dew. On that day, I was hoping to find […]