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  1. The compliment and the trail to the cliff

    I had gone down the mountain that hosts the monastery to cool my head and organize my thoughts. When I arrived at the charming small town located at the foot of the mountain, I looked for Loureiro, the shoemaker, lover of books and wines. I needed to vent. I found him in his workshop. I […]

  2. The medicine of the owl

    The two-sided drum of Starry Song, or shaman, who had the gift of sharing the philosophy of his people through his words, drummed the night into the mountains of Arizona, beating a sweet ancestral song sung in native dialect. One of the shaman’s dearest friends had passed away. Starry Song was alone in his place […]

  3. The true face of courage

    That year, when I got to the small Chinese village hidden in the Himalayas, I was quite upset. One of the young men who worked at my advertising agency had made me discontent. He was in the office since he was an intern. Talented and dedicated, he had climbed every step within the company to […]

  4. The First Portal – the Eight Portals of the Way

    I had already been a member of the Order for some time. I had always heard of the Eight Portals of the Path, but never had the chance to know exactly what it referred to. Willing to understand the matter, that day I looked for the Elder, as we lovingly called the eldest monk of […]